Apivar is a product of Véto-pharma, a French pharmaceutical company that develops and markets innovative products to help commercial and hobbyist beekeepers prevent and control hive diseases and infestations. All Véto-pharma products are developed and manufactured in compliance with applicable pharmaceutical standards.

Apivar was first formulated in 1995 and has been manufactured in a dedicated facility operated to the highest standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The facility’s processes are dedicated entirely to animal health product manufacturing in compliance with GMP 1 standards. The facility is also regularly inspected by the French National Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products.

Véto-pharma’s manufacturing process is designed to maintain strict control of raw materials, packaging materials, intermediates, and finished products. This control is supported by an exhaustive, on-going analysis and testing process, and provides full validation of processes and methods to guarantee batch consistency and reproducibility. As a result, beekeepers around the globe can be confident that each Apivar strip is consistent, safe for bees and humans, and meets or exceeds stringent pharmaceutical quality standards.

Véto-pharma is dedicated to developing products that benefit bees and beekeepers. Our passion for bees and the benefits they bring to our world is reflected in our good relationships with beekeepers and beekeepers’ organizations all around the globe.

1 The facility operates in accordance with European Union (EU) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines for Veterinary Medicinal Products (Directive 91/414/EEC). GMP is a EU standard that is approximately equal to the pharmaceutical manufacturing standards required by the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency.